Throughout time, the rose has come to symbolize some of the most beautiful emotions in life. It manifests feelings of love, companionship, and longing. The rose reminds us of the beauty and love that exist in our world.

Show someone how you really feel.

When one receives a rose as a gift, it often brings about mixed emotions. Immense joy comes from such a beautiful gesture, but most roses wilt and die within days, which can be heartbreaking, until now. Luxur Flowers help you preserve the memory by gifting preserved roses that last up to a year.

Luxur’s preserved flowers are complete with exquisite presentations that feel like the ultimate gift. We carefully tailor the packaging of each preserved rose to ensure that you can present an elegant, attractive, and emotional gift every single time, that lasts.

Gift the magic of luxurious preserved roses that last up to a year.

Give the gift of eternal love.