Is the rose directly stabilized in its entirety?


Question 6. Is the rose directly stabilized in its entirety?
No, it is impossible to stabilize a whole rose with a stem. The rosebud, stems and foliage have different technologies and stabilization periods. Another way to identify a scammer selling roses in glass flasks is to claim that his flowers will stabilize right in their entirety, since most dealers do not understand such nuances. For production, buds, stems and other components come separately.
Question 7. Can other flowers be stabilized?
Yes, of course, in addition to stabilized roses, there are daisies, orchids, hydrangeas, and much more. Stabilization technology may vary depending on the characteristics of the flower structure, and not all buds are subject to stabilization.
Question 8. Where are stabilized roses made?
All large plantations are located in evergreen hot countries, the two main ones being Ecuador and Kenya. In addition to large-scale production, where hundreds of people are involved, an appropriate climate is also necessary in order to grow the perfect flower, which will subsequently be stabilized. In countries such as the Netherlands, where luxurious fresh-cut flowers exist, there is no room for stabilization.

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